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Have you had to tackle these issues when trying to grow and increase revenue?

Your development team is overloaded with work way too often.

You have to deal with vendors who overpromise and underdeliver over and over again.

Your profit margin is too narrow because your in-house developers cost too much.

You don't have the expertise needed for a specific tech stack.

A developer suddenly quits, forcing you to search for a quick replacement to rescue the project.

You are just a step away from leaving those troubles behind and turning your agency into a revenue-generating machine.


Work With a Web Development Company

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8+ Years in the Business

We have completed thousands of projects for agencies since 2005. Many of our clients come to us on recommendation from their colleagues.

Global Recognition

We have been recognized as a top web development company globally on Clutch for the past 4 years.

Partnership Approach

We are here not to increase our short-term revenue. Our main goal is to establish strong, lasting relationships built on trust.


For your very specific industry,

we have highly-tailored Digital solutions.

Brand Identity & Packaging Design

With a unique brand identity that draws your target audience’s attention across all channels, you can stand out in a sea of scrolls.

Web Design & Development

We have a group of knowledgeable and talented web developers. With innovative ideas, the newest trends, and technologies, we create the website of your dreams.


Need a bespoke Shopify theme? Want to customize a current one or integrate a Shopify app to match your client’s brand style? We’ve got you covered!

Social Media & Community Management

No matter what sector or area of business you are in, you may captivate your clients or consumers with clickable content and increase sales with appealing text.

E-Commerce Ads & Media Buying

Without moving a muscle, get the ROIs and eyeballs for your running ads that you desire. Start Right Now!

JavaScript and Frameworks

We leverage the power of Vue and React to make websites lightning fast for the best user experience.

Not finding what you are looking for? Reach out to us so that we can provide the perfect solution.


How it helps your
business succeed


Before presenting a plan, we arrange an online meeting with You to discuss the specifics of your needs and demands.

Concepts & Initatives

In order to provide the best solutions for the services chosen, We come up with a variety of ideas and initiatives.

Development and Testing

Our developers start coding. Once they are done, our testers make sure your page or website looks perfect across all major browsers and platforms.

Execute & Deliver

We deliver your project by the deadline you set or even earlier.


Challenges are just opportunities in disguise. Begin Journey with us!

What do people praise about Devlance Technologies?

"Ahmed has great communication & strong dedication to fulfilling project requirements. He goes above & beyond his role when needed & always meets deadlines ahead of schedule. This is my second WordPress project with Ahmed & it will not be the last. Everything you need in a reliable freelancer is included when working with Ahmed."
"Working with Ahmed Mansoor on a Shopify bug fix was a game-changer. His technical expertise and problem-solving skills are outstanding. Ahmed's clear communication and dedication to meeting deadlines made the project a breeze. I highly recommend Ahmed for any Shopify-related work; he's a true professional."
"Ahmed was amazing start to finish. He responded to any questions very quickly and always completed milestones on time. He was able to do everything I asked & communicated completed tasks efficiently. Ahmed has given me the best experience on Upwork hands down, and I will not hesitate to hire him again!"
"This is my fourth time working with Ahmed and I'll be working with him again. Always quick to respond, and delivers work above expectations."
"Ahmed has been an exceptional partner in many of my WordPress projects, I will continue to work with him in the future."
"Ahmed was polite and very efficient. I requested a few minor website changes and he did them inside of the hour. I'd hire him again next time I need help. I trust him."


Proud projects make us excel

Adrenagy - Gym Website

Backend ( Laravel ) | Front End ( HTML, CSS )

Full Stack Project with Features like Payment Integration ( Paypal, Amazaon Pay, Debit/Credit Card )

Sorme Cosmetic Brand Shopify

Shopify Project

Full Stack Project with Features like Payment Integration ( Paypal, Amazaon Pay, Debit/Credit Card )

Political Election Campaign
WordPress Website

WordPress WebSite

WordPress website for your Political Campaign .

Velvat Caviar

Shopify Project

Full Stack Project with Features like Payment Integration ( Paypal, Amazaon Pay, Debit/Credit Card )

Natural Radiant Life Shopify Project

Shopify Project

Full Stack Project with Features like Payment Integration ( Paypal, Amazaon Pay, Debit/Credit Card )

Miami Neons - Neons website

Branding to Digital Marketing

Full Stack Project with Features like Payment Integration ( Paypal, Amazaon Pay, Debit/Credit Card )


    by 400+ customers for 720+ clients

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Our custom web development services cover a broad range of needs. Among the rest, we specialize in:

    • Design-to-code conversion
    • Front-end development with React, Vue, Angular, and other JavaScript frameworks
    • CMS development based on WordPress, Drupal, HubSpot, and other platforms
    • E-commerce development with Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, and more
    • Low-code/no-code development (Webflow, Squarespace, Wix, etc.)
    • Email template development
    • HTML5 banner coding
    • Web application development (SPA, PWA, etc.)

    All our services are white-labeled by default.

    Our developers perform regular code reviews to make sure the code is well-structured, efficient, and industry standard-compliant. Our team of experienced quality assurance professionals then uses the latest technologies and best practices to ensure the code is free of bugs or inconsistencies before delivering your web solution.

    We are famous for our well-adjusted project management process that has been polished to perfection over the years. We develop a project schedule based on a detailed WBS (work breakdown structure) with clear timelines and deadlines for each development stage, task, and activity. That facilitates project progress tracking and ensures timely completion of your project.

    We are also very transparent and flexible. Whenever there’s a bottleneck or issue that prevents us from delivering the work on time, we will instantly inform you about it and try to find a viable solution as soon as possible.

    There are several ways to track the status of your project. Right from the beginning, we will assign a dedicated manager to your project. Reach out to them for information or requests at any time during the business hours using your favorite communication method: a messenger (Slack, Skype, etc.), phone, email, or whatever. In addition, you can monitor the development progress yourself by using the same project management tool that the team is using, such as Jira, Trello, or something else.
    We are extremely flexible as far as project revisions are concerned. If it is a minor change or update, we do it completely free of charge. The cost of complex revisions that take up longer to implement is discussed on an individual basis.
    Absolutely. Our collaboration doesn’t end after we deliver your project. There are so many tasks that require attention once your website goes live, such as performance optimization, updates, and security. To assist you, we offer our support and maintenance services to ensure that your website is always up-to-date, loads quickly, and is protected against cyber attacks.
    Our team of skilled developers and designers has hands-on experience working with existing design assets and branding guidelines for many years. Just provide us with your style guide, and we will make sure that your website’s look and feel accurately reflects your brand’s identity.

    Our team has experience and expertise in a diverse range of programming languages and frameworks used for web development.

    We are proficient in staple front-end technologies: HTML, CSS, and JavaScript (Typescript). Our developers also use modern JavaScript frameworks such as React, Vue, and Angular to build easily scalable and maintainable custom web applications.

    For back-end development, we specialize in PHP and its frameworks Laravel and Symfony as well as in Node.js.

    Being a responsible custom web development services company, protecting our clients’ websites against cyber threats is high on our list of priorities. We follow industry-standard security practices and protocols, implement secure coding practices, use SSL encryption, and regularly scan websites for malware and other security issues.

    We can also work with you to implement extra security measures tailored to your specific website and business needs.

    Absolutely. Just tell us what technology or technologies you want us to use. With our large talent pool, we will quickly find the right professionals to cater to your specific needs and build a custom website or custom web application using a programming language or framework(s) you prefer.
    Yes. Custom web design is one of our most in-demand services. Our experienced web designers will translate your creative ideas into a visually attractive design that reflects your brand’s image and meets your unique business needs.
    Yes. Once we have received the payment from you, the code we deliver is your exclusive intellectual property.

    No, by no means. According to our strict confidentiality policy, no information related to our clients and projects they hire us to develop can be revealed without the client’s permission.

    Please read our Privacy Policy to learn about the rules we follow when gathering, storing, using, sharing, and protecting your personal data and sensitive information.

    We never publish our clients’ projects anywhere without their explicit consent.
    Yes. We are famously known for our ASAP development service that delivers projects twice or even three times faster than usual.